Silver Fashion Jewelry

Kline's Jewelry has been proudly serving the Space Coast for over 32 years with quality and integrity.


Sterling silver has many great characteristics, it's a pure white metal, unlike most white gold, and it's very affordable. We carry hundreds of different sterling silver pieces, from designer brands to ID and medical bracelets. Below are some of our newest and favorite brands.


Nicole Barr Jewelry

Nicole Barr is an amazing line of sterling silver jewelry that features several different types of vitreous (hard fired glass) enameling. They specialize in a difficult technique called plique-á-jour (french for glimpse of day), where the enamel is suspended between delicate wires of silver or gold without a backing, allowing the light to shine through creating a stained glass effect. These amazing techniques were most comonly seen on antique jewelry from the early 1900's. They have stunning collections ranging from floral and modern designs,

to sea life and nature.


Nicole Barr Dragonfly


Alamea Hawaii


Alamea Hawaii is an up and coming brand that uses natural materials like Hawaiian Koa wood, Gaboon Ebony, Larimar, and Abalone in beautiful designs of tropical and sea life themes.







  • Testimonials

    I've been a customer of Kline's for welll over 15 years. They are always exceptional at staying with in my budget and helping me get what I want. All of my jewelry including my wedding ring came from them. If you compare quality and price, you can't beat them. Love the Klines!