Antique Jewelry

Kline's Jewelry has been proudly serving the Space Coast for over 32 years with quality and integrity.


One benefit to having two in-house jewelers is that sometimes they want to do want they like to do. Marty has always loved fine detail work, and he gets to explore that with repairing and refinishing pieces from his collection of antique jewelry that he has accumulated through the years. As he finishes these one of a kind pieces, we list them on our Etsy website. We also have a large collection of antique costume jewelry and accesories.





  • Testimonials

    I've been a customer of Kline's for welll over 15 years. They are always exceptional at staying with in my budget and helping me get what I want. All of my jewelry including my wedding ring came from them. If you compare quality and price, you can't beat them. Love the Klines!